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Love trading is a place where life becomes better and better. With an ever-increasing population, we have noticed the scarcity and high demand for basic food items. We import high-quality products for the best experiences. We also own candy, biscuit, and dairy factories; all for your enjoyment.

With us, quality is never compromised. We value our clients and endeavor to not only foresee their demands but also provide world-class service along with products.


100% sweet and addictive chemical-free candy and made from our factory which is distributed to wholesale with care and timely delivery for the best taste. Our candy can be consumed by young, teens and adults without age group restriction with your interest.


Have your moments with our biscuits. They are derivated with care and for your enjoyment. Providing wholesome, nutritious, and hygienic product is our vision. We are delighted to announce our product any time soon. Our biscuits are of high quality and suitable for all age groups.

Plastic bottles

Love trading invests in technologies, people, and processes that deliver plastic packaging solutions to a wide variety of industries. Every product has unique packaging needs, and every package makes an impact on the environment. Quality is a top priority at our company. We are dedicated to making sure every customer receives the quality packaging their product requires and deserves.

Dairy products

Ethiopia is one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s developing countries with a large potential in livestock, being first among African countries and 9th in the world. However, milk production is very low. Ethiopians consume less dairy products than other African countries and far less than world consumption. Having these in thought, we have decided to invest in the milk and dairy product industry.

Love trading is strongly committed to produce and provide safe, nutritious, and high-quality milk & milk product that fulfill applicable international, national, and mutually agreed on food safety and quality standards

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