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Love trading is is a place where life becomes better and better. With an ever-increasing population, we have noticed the scarcity and high demand for basic food items. We import high-quality products for the best experiences. We also own candy, biscuit, and dairy factories; all for your enjoyment.

With us, quality is never compromised. We value our clients and endeavor to not only foresee their demands but also provide world-class service along with products.

1. Tour and travel

Our 3000 years of history have given us diverse cultures, traditions, and well-renowned heritages. We are known for our hospitality, humblity, and politeness to our guests. This is what we have received from our ancestors. Traveling to Ethiopia also means returning to the origin of humankind. With much care, we have designed a choice of fantastic tours through Ethiopia for you.

Our trips are designed to offer you an exciting glimpse behind the curtain of Ethiopia, experiencing history firsthand, observing the splendid diversity of the natural and animal world from a front-row seat, while gaining an insight into the lives of local people. You can rely on us for competent travel organization and comfortable accommodation in hotels which have been individually inspected by us.

2. Import

Our company entails on import of a variety of commodities like: Food items, Flour, Oil, Sugar, Rice and etc…

3. Export

Our company entails on import of a variety of commodities like Pulses, Oil Seeds, Khat, Cattle, Tea etc…

4. Manufacturing

Under Love trading, there are a variety of manufacturing companies to mention a few: Candy, Biscuit, Plastic bottles, Dairy products

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